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Data Security

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It is imperative that information contained on the hard drive from your old computer is properly deleted.

Data Security

Today people use their computers for everything from keeping a treasured family recipe and daily correspondence, to confidential medical histories and banking information. For corporations, that information is even more sensitive, often containing highly confidential records that would be devastating if the wrong people had access to the information. One breach of confidential information could mean potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, not to mention the legal ramifications if the information is covered under federal legislation.

A study at MIT by Garfinkel and Shelat collected 168 hard drives from various places and found that over 40 percent had recoverable data, and over 30 percent had sensitive information like credit card numbers. The news often has reports of a used computer purchased somewhere that still contains the original operating system and all of its former owner's files and documents. It is imperative that information contained on the hard drive from your old computer is properly deleted.

Protecting Data

Computer Recycling of Virginia understands and accepts the responsibility of protecting our client's data. Since 2001, every hard drive has been erased using software that meets or exceeds all industry standards, including the NIST 800-88. Once the wipe process is complete, any hard drive that fails the wipe process is physically destroyed. Finally, a random audit is done using data recovery software to examine the drives. If information is discovered then the entire lot is wiped again. CRVA is constantly evaluating our procedures and new technology as it becomes available in an effort to provide the best possible data security for our clients.

A detailed reporting of each drive is available for a small fee.

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